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What Counts When Looking For A Great Web Hosting Company in Ireland

If you’re not online your business is at a strategic disadvantage.

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates.

For those businesses who are dipping their feet into the waters of the Internet for the first time there are choices to be made, as Web Hosting Ireland outlines below.

The first of those is the design of the website – and before that can happen and examination of the key audiences. The messaging. What is the business trying to say – and what do they hope to get out of their new shiny online presence? It’s the old PR idea of Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Once the business has worked out those strategic guidelines then it may be time to get down to the nitty-gritty of designing that site (and looking closely at how it will be promoted – the social media is only one avenue.

However there are mechanics involved – and one of those is just who will be hosting the website. The choice of web hosting service providers is one that can either make or break a website. And directly influence just how successful and online strategy can be.

Choosing a web hosting company is easy – definitely easier than the whole strategy, content and design generation process. But choosing the right web hosting company is more complex than simply click and pay.

The company that is chosen will keep images and content safe – and available to those using the World Wide Web – and that availability must be 24/7/365. The web does not sleep – and consumers are always awake. There are people across the globe in search of products and services – and it is daytime somewhere all the time.

A decent web hosting company also provides great value-added services, such as Firewalls that protect a site from hackers.

Selecting the right web hosting company can be a challenge – but one of the first steps to take is looking hard at their reputation. Have they received awards from reputable industry bodies, are they able to provide contactable references from major industry players? Have their services been outlined and recognized as ‘best of breed’ in major tech publications. Due diligence is required in order to make sure that your choice of web hosting company is the right one.

The web hosting company also needs to sign on the dotted line. They need to guarantee that your website will be available to consumers and business partners at least 99% of the time. Do they have back up servers and power in case of electricity disruption?

Can they offer a plan that will suit your company’s unique requirements? In a cut-throat industry, they should be bending over backwards to find a solution that has been custom made to your company – and they should have the customer service to ensure a quick response to any issue.

There are other issues that count. Customer service (as mentioned is mong these). In a time-sensitive business environment, there are few things that will do more reputational damage than having a source of information not available. And it is not only a reputation that can be damaged. Feeding sales funnel via the Internet has become an ever more important source of turnover for the 21st-century company. An interruption to the service provision to consumers and business partners can sever a relationship more quickly than could be done with a ribbon and a sharp pair of scissors. Customers are mobile – they will hop to another provider extremely quickly if their needs are not met effectively and timeously. The online world is a highly competitive one – there are other companies competing for market share – and they will snatch customers quickly if the company does not have an uninterrupted marker presence.

When all is said and done research and reputation are key. Your selection of a web hosting company must be based on an investigation of that company’s bona fides – and how willing they are to offer a service that is tailored to the strategic needs of your organization. If the company you select is not able to provide an uninterrupted service then your business is at risk.

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